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 There are several things that you need to know about a pedicure before you even start checking prices.
The price of a pedicure does not determine what kind of pedicure you are going to receive. Pedicures are perceived to be a simple service that is done to get your
Toenails ready to paint. This is not at all the fact. The fact is that a pedicure can be a very dangerous service if not done right.
 Your feet are very important to your well being the first thing that you need to understand is that your body whether it be your feet, hands knees or any other part of the body will build a callous where it is needed. Many people think that if they have a callous it has to go, well this is not so. Calluses make it possible for us to do our everyday tasks.
 You should never let any technician use a blade on your feet. First of all they are illegal in the state of Ohio although you see them being used in many substandard salons. These implements can cut to deep and cause all sorts of infections. Not to mention the pain that is involved. It can be very common for someone to get a pedicure and be so happy that they now have no calluses on there feet, but after trying to walk right for the next few days, you realize that your back is really bothering you. Well guess what since you had all of those calluses shaved off that your body worked so hard to build now you are favoring one foot over the other and you have been walking wrong for the past few days and have thrown your back out. You need to have calluses. All you need to do is slowly work with your technician and smooth them down soften them up and heal up any cracks or splits you have. Then your calluses are not noticeable and are very function able.

The next thing that you need to know about a pedicure is sanitation.
 This is the way that a pedicure spa is to be cleaned out so that you donít take the chance of catching anything from a spa that every other client that has been in it had. A spa chair has to be cleaned with hot soap and water after every client. Now here is the thing that is not all it has to be sprayed down now with a hospital grade disinfectant, several names are calvacide, barbacide, but the trick to these disinfectants is that it has to soak on the spa for 10 minutes if any less than that it was just a waste of the product and it did nothing towards protecting you. So when you go into a salon and see a lady get out of a spa and then the tech washes it with soap and water and starts to fill it again and tells you to get inÖ. Enter at your own risk. Because I can tell you that spa is not sanitized and is in no way safe for you to enter. One way you can keep this from happening is to tell your tech if you want to go ahead and spay that down we could go ahead and do a mini manicure while we wait. If she wont do that then the decision is up to you. If you feel lucky. But that is why you see so many stories on T.V. about how unsafe pedicures are.

Just because it is a salon does not mean that they are perfectly safe. You need to do some research and make your self safe. The same goes with the implements (nippers, files, cuticle pushers.) that they are using on you. They also need to be washed and soaked for ten minutes in the same kind of solution. Usually a tech will have several sets of implements one set to use while one set soaks.

When calling around to see about getting a pedicure you need to ask some questions, like how much experience they have, Is there someone there that specializes in pedicures. What kind of products they use. If they use a credo blade ( this is the implement that is illegal in the state of Ohio). This implement looks like a small razor blade on a handle.
 My personal opinion is that no one should ever use nail clippers on your toenails, It is to easy to cut to close even if you are a professional. I tell all of my clients if they need to trim there nails down use a file. A nice course grit file does a great job. The reason for this is there is a soft piece of skin just under your nail, The best way to describe it is that piece of skin is like the Ziploc seal on your toe, it keeps all of the dirty little crudy things out. If you are cutting them with toe nail cutters and cut to close it is too late the damage is done. This is usually how toe fungus and mold begin because it now has a way to get in. But on the other hand if you are filing them down with a file when you get too close it gets warm and you stop. No damage is done. Other than a little tender spot which is much better than the alternative.
 These are several things that I feel you should know, so that you can relax and enjoy your pedicure. If you have any other questions please feel free to contact me.