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Home The more educated techs will tell you enhancements don't damage nails, poorly trained techs do. This article is extremely long, but very important for every woman and man who patronizes salons for nail services to read. Nail services is not simply a beautification process, it involves the use of chemicals which could cause you harm if not properly applied. This article is not to scare you away, or make you afraid of getting salon services, but instead to help you become a well informed consumer. To help you enjoy your nail services not dread them.

First and foremost it is utterly important for all consumers receiving nail services to understand that these services are supposed to be relaxing and pleasurable, NOT painful.

If the technician hurts you - LEAVE
If the salon is dirty - LEAVE
If the technician is using DIRTY, USED implements, files etc on you - LEAVE
If the technician is using chemicals in unmarked containers - LEAVE
If the technician can not/will not answer your questions about the products used - LEAVE
If the technician can not/will not answer your questions about their sanitation procedures - LEAVE
If you are getting any type of enhancement service and the technician is slopping product all over, getting it on your skin - LEAVE
If the technician attempts to PRY or RIP off your current enhancements - LEAVE -- LEAVE RIGHT NOW --- LEAVE IMMEDIATELY
Nail services should NOT be painful. If the technician is causing you ANY pain, seek out another more qualified technician immediately, DO NOT allow the technician to continue the service. Seek out the state's complaint form and submit it promptly with photos if possible.
Many states will only act upon receiving complaints from consumers.
Nail technicians across the country and around the world have been commenting that some salons are "duping" their clients by stating they are receiving a special service and charging more money when in reality they are getting a very common normal service with a fancy name at an inflated price.
You need to understand the basic types of fingernail enhancement services and their differences to know what you are paying for:
Acrylic is a liquid & powder mixed, applied with a brush that will harden (cure) with no lamps in 2 minutes or less.
Gel is, in basic terms, pre mixed acrylic in a gel like state that almost always needs to be cured under a UV lamp, Acrylic usually has an odor while gels are odorless. Gels often will cost slightly more than acrylic.
Silk (interchangeable with fiberglass and sometimes linen) is applied with resin (glue) and sometimes glue & acrylic powder (Dip System).
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