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Hello ladies,
I know this is a lot of reading but I feel it is very important to you as the consumer.
My name is Lura Nickel. My salon is at 1137 Cherry Valley Rd. Newark, Ohio The name of the salon is “Lura’s Nail Place” I have been doing nails for 25 + years, and I would like to invite you to visit my salon for any of your nail care needs,
I know that there are so many nail salons out there it is probably hard to choose one, so if you have the time I would like to give you some information so that you can decide based on the facts.

First of all my salon is not the usual salon, the atmosphere at my salon is more inviting, It is set in a Victorian style, my clients say that it is more like visiting a friend rather than going to a nail salon.
There are many things going on in the nail industry today that are just not acceptable to me, Women loosing there nails, serious infections, Pain, Burning there nail with the drill. What?

This stuff is un-believable, there is NO excuse for this kind of shoddy work from anyone, that is calling themselves a professional. I have been in this industry to long and know that there is no excuse and I am outraged.
When you go to a salon there should always be a consultation to figure out if you need nails or just manicures. We also need to know if you are on any kinds of medication that may prohibit adhesion of acrylic nails, there are also certain activities that you may be involved in that just aren’t suitable for acrylic nails. For instance, several years ago I had a client that came in for every appointment and her nails always looked damaged, like they were melting, when I questioned her she said she had no idea she thought that she just had to live with it, I asked her to list things that she did in a day, and we would figure it out, It took some time and you are not going to believe what was causing this little dilemma, It was hot pepper juice.
She was in hot pepper juice many times in a day and it was mis-shaping her nails. There would have been no way of figuring this out had we not discussed it. That is why it is so important to talk to your nail tech and explain things that are
going on with your nails. I have worn nails since I was 16 I had my nails put on by a professional nail tech and I am still wearing the same set I just keep them balanced every 2 weeks and have never had a fungus or nail infection in all of these years, you would never catch me without my nails, they are just wonderful when done properly. ( Oh yes I do my own) So my clients get the same service and products (creative) that I use on myself.

Well I thought I was going to get away with it but I guess not, o.k. fine I will be 50 this year. So yes I have a long track record with acrylic nails, I feel that nails are such an attitude adjustment that it is unreal when women come into my salon hiding there hands because there nails & cuticles look so awful, but when I get done with them, they are flipping there hands every where, as my regular clients come in and my new one is on the way out they are showing there nails to them, what a wonderful feeling to give women such happiness, and my regular clients are saying I remember that day laughingly. Your technician should explain procedures to you so you are comfortable with the services you receive. If they do not, ask questions till you are comfortable.
A nail service should involve no pain, it is about relaxing and getting your nails polished and enjoying some good company. Some women tell me that they want there nails done quick, well those clients I do quick, but not without paying attention to detail. but my other clients that love to visit and relax they get there full hour of relaxation. That is how it should be! What the client needs or wants. My clients are like my family, I do care about there health and beautiful nails that they can be proud of. There are no hidden charges, there are no surprises when your service is done, and all of my services are inclusive.

I will actually give you a price list explaining all services. That is something that is very rare these days from a nail salon. I hope that you will give my salon a try and I look forward to seeing you. The following pages are some facts that I think you should be aware of before choosing a salon, I know that this is a lot of reading but I feel for your health & my peace of mind safety is the most important thing. So if you could take a few minutes and read this information. I would greatly appreciate it and I think that you will also.
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