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My Name is Lura Nickel

I have been doing nails for 28+ years, and I would like to invite you to visit my salon for any of your nail care needs, I know that there are so many nails salons out there it is probably hard to choose one, so if you have the time I would like to give you some information so that you can decide based on the facts.

First of all my salon is not the usual salon, the atmosphere at my salon is more inviting, It is set in a Victorian style my clients say that it is more like visiting a friend rather than going to a nail salon.
Contact(740)-404-9901825 Adair Ave.Zanesville Ohio
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Hello ladies,
I hope you're all doing well in spite of the situation we're in right now.
I'm sure you've all been doing your part and washing your hands so much you've lost count! As you all know, since Wednesday last week all nail salons in Ohio have been on shutdown so we can help to do our part.
It's been difficult and even a bit frustrating at times but I know it will be worth it, because we're helping people by doing this.
I've been in contact with many of my clients during this time and I keep hearing one thing over and over: I wash my hands a hundred times a day and they're getting so dry!
Since my clients can't come into the shop to get their salt scrub and keep their hands in fighting shape, I've decided to bring the scrub to them.
For the first time ever I've opened an online shop where you can get my salt scrub to keep your hands soft and in shape to keep up the fight!
All of my clients know that my salt scrub is nothing like they have ever tried before because they use it at every appointment, but I know I have many people that follow my Facebook that haven't yet had the opportunity to visit my salon. I want you to know that I haven't forgotten about you, and I want to to support your fight as well!
If you would like to give the salt scrub all of my clients know and love a try before you buy, please send me a message on Facebook and I will send you a sample. I guarantee your hands will appreciate it!
Please follow the link below and choose your favorite scent, and I'll ship it right to your door.
For a limited time, you can also get one of my nail oils for half price with the purchase of a salt scrub.
Stay strong ladies!